We have designed a trio of group training classes that will collectively improve your fitness whilst helping you move with confidence, build strength and unlock new skills.

Movement and Mobility Class Square.jpg

Movement & Mobility

55 mins

Too often we neglect our bodies, degrading our mobility by sitting for long periods, or pushing the body to its limits and overlooking the need for muscle recovery and injury prevention.

This class will have you reconnect with your body through movement, celebrating what your body can achieve and preparing it for anything you throw at it. We will have you feeling great and tuning into your body through an educational journey which is at the heart of Onyx.

This class is designed to improve range of movement, increase muscular strength, alleviate pain and prevent injury, as well as improve your performance in the gym and other sports activities. Expect a relaxed, fun atmosphere, tailored to all abilities and geared to unlocking your movement potential.

Functional Strength

55 mins

Strength training is essential for all body shapes and ages. It improves muscular tone whilst supporting the skeletal frame and enables us to keep active as we age.

For those already actively strength training we offer a renewed outlook and new methods, coupled with expert programming which will reward you with real results.

This class focuses on different rep ranges, sets and tempos across all muscle groups. It’ll cover a variety of training methods including resistance work, weightlifting, functional bodybuilding, gymnastics and calisthenics. Unilateral work will better your balance and stability, and a focus on correct technique will help you get the most out of each movement.

Functional Strength Class Square 2.jpg

Onyx Conditioning

55 mins

Our high energy Onyx Conditioning class works with Polar heart rate sensors to take the effectiveness of your workout to the next level. With 2 or more of our experienced coaches on hand in each class you’ll train with confidence and control whilst working towards your own personal goals. You’ll be able to track your past session performances on the Polar app and monitor your own progress.

Our class will focus on high intensity bodyweight movements, functional resistance exercises with kettlebells and dumbbells as well as running, skipping and much more.