Coach Vik

Co-Founder and Personal Trainer at Onyx

Mobility and Sports Performance Specialist

I am passionate and driven to give my clients the best training experience. With a unique and knowledgeable approach to training and friendly and large personality I can help pull anyone through a tough workout.

As well as wanting my clients to work hard I want them to step out of their comfort zone and master new skills so they can reach new heights in their training and enjoy the process of seeing measurable improvements. Fitness shouldn’t be something you feel you have to do, but something you enjoy and look forward to.

I believe in providing variation in sessions and focusing on what a client needs for long-term health and happiness. I incorporate movements and skills with the use of gymnastic rings, calisthenics, animal flow, functional movement methods, boxing and weightlifting, and always find skills which my clients enjoy working with, motivating them to work harder. This hard work results in conquering new movements, increased ability inside and outside of the gym, heightened fitness and improvements to body shape.

I am very experienced in training junior and pro tennis players, football players and other professional athletes, and I apply the same principles to their conditioning sessions making them varied and enjoyable. Their focus is on performance, and with my unique approach to conditioning we focus on different aspects of their game, to unlock improvements in their performance.

I guarantee to have you moving better, enabling you to accomplish things you never thought were possible, to unlock your true potential.