Our Vision

A boutique fitness and wellbeing space truly focused on movement and health

Onyx Team Founders.jpg

Onyx is the collective vision of 5 coaches and friends who set out to create a brand-new purposeful gym in North London.

Many gyms focus on moving heavy or moving fast, but at Onyx we believe that moving well is just as important, and emphasise this in our programming and through our dedicated Movement and Mobility class.

We also provide the very best coaching through Strength and Conditioning classes and Personal Training sessions, suitable for anyone from fitness novice to athlete. Our knowledge and holistic approach is geared up to pushing you to new heights in your training, as well as activities away from the gym.


Building a Community

We aspire to be inclusive to our community, focused on building relationships and making every person feel valued. You will become part of the Onyx family, a place to have fun, learn and build lifelong friendships, while also getting a great training session.



Consistency is Key

The gym should not be a place to alleviate bad habits. We are passionate that everyone should be prioritising their own health and body on a consistent and frequent basis. We will have you building a body that you love and will encourage movement as a lifestyle habit.



A Functional Approach

You won’t find many machines in our facility, instead it’s all about functional movements, and using your whole body. You will find plenty of weights and objects to move, jump on and hang from, making for a more exciting training session.



Aesthetics as a Bi-Product

We are not just a body transformation gym, instead think of us as a place for you to move better, unlock new skills and strengthen your fitness. You will be feeling better, but also looking better, as a bi-product of the hard work you put in.


Our Philosophy

“Move purposefully, think holistically, live actively”

Our vision is driven by our collective philosophy, focused on the fundamentals of fitness.


Move Purposefully

We don’t just add in another rep, or set meaningless programmes, we carefully design each workout so you can reach your full potential. Our coaches will ensure each movement has a purpose for YOU, and is carried out correctly so that you can fully understand the benefit from the movement and prevent injury.



Think Holistically

As well as fitness we cover mobility, nutrition, sleep and mindset, as we know all aspects need to come together for optimal performance. What you put into your body and how you look after it is paramount for health and longevity, more than just breaking a sweat.



Live Actively

Our gym is a philosophy, a new way to think about actively taking care of your body and unlocking its potential. We are dedicated to getting you to change your lifestyle both in the gym and beyond, so it's all about an active lifestyle, and incorporating more movement into your daily lives.